American Bible College and University was founded to share the teachings of Christianity and the Bible to everyone. It was formed because all people want to learn about the spiritual things in life and the higher power that guides our lives. People also want to be recognized and rewarded for their hard work. ABCU gives people the opportunity to earn their Degree while learning about The Bible.


        American Bible College and University is not a degree-mill and we do not sell or give away Certificates or Diplomas. Each student must earn their Certificate or Diploma through hard work and study. ABCU is an institution of higher learning which teaches its students about topics which are of interest to them. It promotes learning and studying about the ideas and values that mean the most to people. ABCU also encourages debate and thought provoking research from all our students.


        All levels of teachings build on the foundation laid by the home and church. The Christian teacher functions as God’s minister in the plan of redemption. The greatest need of students is to accept Jesus Christ as personal Savior and commit to a life of Christian values and service. The formal and nonā€formal curricula help students reach their potential for spiritual, mental physical, social, and vocational development. Preparing students for a life of service to their family, church, and the larger community is a primary aim of the school.


      American Bible College and University is an online university which offers 100% Tuition Free programs for everyone. University Administration, Faculty, and Staff are volunteers. American Bible College and University(ABCU) is for anyone who feels called to study for the ministry. To enhance their knowledge of the Bible, Christianity, Religion, and Apologetics. American Bible College and University is for everyone who wants to earn a degree but unable to attend a conventional University, College, Seminary due to the high cost or because of family or work commitments. With American Bible College and University, all course materials are free and there are no text books to buy. All degree programs are completed at the student's own pace. Tests and assignments are submitted online. The Students are from around the world. Faculty and staff are from all corners of the world as well. American Bible College and University is indeed, an international community of learners! We make available high quality certificate, undergraduate, and graduate level university studies which are affordable and accessible to anyone in the world who has internet access. We have active online multi-topic forum where students and faculty from all around the world convene to exchange information, thoughts, and support with one another. So that you can work independently at your own pace but, you will never be far from the community of learners.