The Role of American Bible College and University


Key Components


The Student

As a child of God, the student is the primary focus of the entire educational effort, and should be loved and accepted. The purpose of education is to help students reach their highest potential and to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.  Student outcomes constitute a significant guiding criterion in assessing the effectiveness of the school.



The Teacher

The teacher holds a central place of importance. Ideally, the teacher should be both a committed to live in an exemplary role model of the Christian graces and professional competencies.



All learning is grounded on faith in a certain set of presuppositions or worldview. The Christian worldview recognizes a supernatural as well as a natural order. The school define knowledge more broadly than that which is merely intellectual or scientific. True knowledge encompasses cognitive, experiential, emotional, relational, intuitive, and spiritual elements. An acquisition of true knowledge leads to understanding which is manifested in wisdom and appropriate action.



The curriculum will promote academic excellence and will include a core of general studies needed for responsible citizenship in a given culture along with spiritual insights that inform Christian living and build community. Such citizenship includes appreciation for the Christian heritage, concern for social justice, and stewardship of the environment. A balanced, integrated curriculum will address the major developmental needs in the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and vocational realms.



The instructional program places appropriate emphasis on all forms of true knowledge, purposefully integrating faith and learning. Instructional methodology will actively engage the needs and abilities of each student, giving opportunity to put what is learned into practice, and be appropriate to the discipline and to the culture.



Discipline in a Christian school is built upon the need to restore the image of God in each student and recognizes the freedom of the will and the work of the Holy Spirit. Discipline‐‐not to be confused with punishment‐‐seeks the development of self‐control. In redemptive discipline, the student’s will and intelligence are engaged.


School Life

A blended emphasis of worship, study, labor, and will characterize the total learning environment, with careful attention given to balance. The focus of every course of study will be pervaded by joyful spirituality, a spirit of cooperation, and respect for the diversity of individuals and cultures.